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Fragile Day by Wilderland

The following are three important charities that are making a difference in helping the habitat affected by the Gulf Oil Spill Tragedy. They each have their distinct approach and complement each other in their efforts to help solve this massive problem that is affecting our planet.

When you buy the Fragile Day song, 100% of the proceeds are divided equally amongst the following three charities.

  GRN is a 16 year old environmental non-profit organization committed to uniting and empowering people to protect and restore the natural resources of the Gulf Region for future generations. As the only environmental organization working Gulf-wide, they are working hard to respond to the disaster in the Gulf. Since the first days of BP's oil drilling disaster, the Gulf Restoration Network has provided independent monitoring and advocacy focused on holding BP accountable and ensuring an effective and transparent response to the crisis. more
  Founded by its member charities in 1988, EarthShare is an opportunity for caring individuals to support hundreds of environmental charities through a single charitable donation. Every year, EarthShare raises funds for more than 400 community, national and international member charities in hundreds of campaigns across the country. In what could be one of the worst environmental disasters in America's history, the Gulf oil spill threatens the fragile Gulf coastline and wetlands, the seafood industry, the region's economy, and hundreds of species of wildlife. The effects of the Gulf oil spill will be serious and long-lasting. That's why many of EarthShare's member charities will be there for the long term recovery. Now you can support their efforts through the EarthShare Gulf Coast Restoration Fund. more
  Taking a decidedly long term approach in solving this problem, The WILD Foundation is committed to establishing formal recognition for the Marine Wilderness that can be permanently protected from human destruction. WILD works to protect the planet's wild places and the wildlife and people who depend upon them, because wilderness areas provide essential social, spiritual, biological and economic benefits. They believe that intact wilderness areas are an essential core element of a healthy modern society. They are also spearheading a new global vision to protect and interconnect at least half of the planet, land and water, to support all life on earth. more



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